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Thank you for your interest in BrainHack 2019. Please fill in the form below to complete your registration for the Tech Showcase.

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1. Registration is open to all teachers and full-time students from local Universities, Polytechnics, Junior Colleges, Institutes of Technical Education, Integrated Programme (IP) Schools and Secondary Schools. 2. If you have been successfully enrolled in either Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp (CDDC) or Today I Learned (TIL), you do not have to fill up this form as you will be allocated time during the camps to participate in the Tech Showcase. 3. Group submissions of more than 10 can be done via email at 4. Due to limited capacity, registrants may be subjected to a selection process. 5. Please register by 31 May 2019. 6. Successful registrants will be notified through email by 7 June 2019.
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Note: The personal information provided to us will only be used for event registration and administration. Photos and audio-visual recordings of the event may be used for education, marketing, promotional and/or publication purposes. By registering for this event, you have consented to the above. Students who are below 18 years of age will need to seek consent from parents or legal guardian.